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Most seek out anger course work for legal reasons. Some are preemptive (recommended by a lawyer), some are court ordered (by the Judge). However there are many other reasons to do so such as for work obligations or for personal growth. Surprisingly many of the online anger management programs seem to be created by other professionals who work tangential to the mental health field. Our program was created by a mental health therapist and as such we are confident that it will be accepted in any court. If you are denied recognition for our anger management course in writing from the judge we will provide you will a 100% cash back refund. In this course, you will learn how to recognize the early warning signs of anger, reflect on what anger is and how to use it rather than let it use you. You will explore why you are having anger issues, and learn how to take committed action to control your anger while using problem solving strategies. In part two of the program you will learn how to calm yourself, let go of old hurts, and learn to forgive. You will also learn how to rebalance your lifestyle to lower your stress, sleep better, and communicate better with others. Finally you will also go over a 12 step approach to anger management with recommended reading and assorted tools such as current phone apps on mindfulness to use as you move forward in your life as calmer and happier you!

What you get in this course

A course syllabus to submit to your Judge or HR department

A certificate of completion to submit to the Judge or HR department.

12 hours of course content

Court Related Issues Ordered by a Judge

If your issue is court related you will want to know if your Judge has ordered you to attend in person anger management classes or not. These can be found online on other sites via a simple google search. A judge will typically want you to attend a agnermangment class for 8-12 hours.


  • Learn how to calm yourself to prevent anger outbursts.
  • Learn how to identify the early warning signs of anger and view the emotion as a signal rather than letting anger take control of you.
  • Learn how to forgive and let go of past resentments.
  • Learn how to create a better work-life balance so you can be less stressed, sleep better and communicate better with others.
  • Identify what anger is
  • Identify the degrees of anger
  • Learn relaxation and mindfulness
  • Learn to think more positive and be more empathic
  • Learn effective communication
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