Communication Skills A to Z

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This course is intended teach people how to communicate effectively with the goal of learning how to listen to understand and how to express feelings in prosocial ways, to bring about mutual satisfaction. Study of this program will prepare clients how to respond to conflict within any relationship but focus is on marital relationships.


  • Lean how to calm yourself and others
  • Lean why conflict happens
  • Learn real practical skills to use in conflict with your spouse
  • Explore some of the basic needs in a marriage and how to identify them and solve them for yourself and your spouse
  • Learn how to take accountability and responsibility for yourself without making yourself the “bad spouse”
  • Discover how to listen to understand and connect to your spouse on a deeper emotional level
  • Free yourself from feeling confused and unsure of how to respond by breaking unhealthy patterns of communication

Contents of this program

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How to Express Feelings and Show Respect

Barriers to Real Listening

The F.I.R.S.T Method for Emotional Listening

How to Really Say Sorry and Be Believed

How to be More Assertive In Your Marriage

How to Communicate With an Unhealthy Spouse

How to Deal With a Narcissist or Your Self If That Is You

How to Get the Chemical for Happiness, Partly

How to Use Conflict Resolution Skills

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