Do You Need Therapy?

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If you have ever wondered “should I go to therapy” or if you have been told that you “need to go to therapy” by a spouse or anyone close to you, this is the course for you. This course is intended to help people who are struggling with relationship issues, depression, anger, or anxiety only and does NOT include assessments for other mental health issues such as ADHD, eating disorders, bipolar, Schizophrenia, and more. All assessments are non-clinical, meaning they are not research-based but they have been created by mental health professionals from their practice. Please note while therapy is always worthwhile and can be beneficial for some the expense in terms of time and cost may be more than what some people care for or can manage in their busy lifestyles. For legal reasons please note that his course is for entertainment only and should not be used or seen as conclusive evidence on if you do or do not need therapy. The best way to find out if therapy can benefit you would be to talk to a therapist or a Life Wise professional about your situation and struggles.

In this course you will take a wide range of assessments as listed below.

**This course also contains our audio program on How to Find a Therapist should the student want to seek out a mental health professional.



  • Assessing if and how therapy could be beneficial to you.
  • Gain increased awareness of key areas of self-development to improve on.



Bonus Assessments: Depression and Anxiety Assessment

Assessment 1: LifeWise Personality & Relationship Assessment

Assessment 2: Self-Assessment of Emotional Readiness

Assessment 3: Self-Assessment for Mood Issues

Assessment 4: Self-Assessment for Emotional Awareness

Assessment 5: LifeWise Substance Abuse Assessment

Assessment 6: Birth Order Factors That Affect Your Relationship

Assessment 7: My and My Spouse Attachment Style

Assessment 8: My Self-Esteem and Self-Worth Assessment

Assessment 9: Self-Esteem: It’s All In Your Head!

Assessment 10: How “WELL” Are You?

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