How to Cope With and “Cure” Facial Paralysis

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In this course, you will learn information on how to cope and “cure” facial paralysis. Please note cure in parentheses as there is no “cure” per se. What you will lean in this video is how to cope with facial paralysis and what I WISH  someone would have told me in my first year of recovery where I had ZERO improvement to my face. If you are in your first day or first year of recovery this video can help BUT if you are over a year into your recovery this video can help you too! I included here in this video, what I started to do after a year of trying western medicine with no results and when the Doctors told me that my face would forever be that way, I refused to give up and I found several effective ways that you can improve the functionality of your face even after a year of paralysis. I am confident that you will find the information in this video helpful in your recovery.


  • Learn how to give yourself a better chance at a full recovery.
  • Learn how cope with the symptoms of facial paralysis for better mental and emotional health.
  • Learn how to cope physically with facial Paralysis by learning methods to keep your eyes healthy and your face free from overstimulation.
  • Learn over 20 methods to manage your symptoms with 12 unique ways improve your recovery.
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