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No one is born knowing how to be married, how to deal with difficult emotions or difficult people, and the challenges life brings. This course will teach you in a very quick and information-dense format how to be married and if needed how to save your marriage. This is the complete Save My Marriage program offered by Life Wise.

The entire program is designed to touch on key concepts and principles needed for a healthy marriage in a variety of ways, making our program dynamic as well as informative.




Program 1: Assessing The Self

Goals: This part of the full program is designed to help you discover and learn about yourself and how you function in relationships. Identify the signs that your marriage is worth saving.

– Life Wise Introduction

– Video Introduction

– Assessment One – Personality and Relationships

– Assessment Two – Emotional Readiness

– Assessment Three – Mood Issues

– Assessment Four – Emotional Awareness

– Assessment Five – Substance Abuse

– Assessment Six – Birth Oder and Your Relationships

– Assessment Seven – My Attachment Style

– Assessment Eight – How I Interact in a Relationship

– Assessment Nine – My Self-Esteem and Self-worth

– Assessment Ten – How Self-Esteem is All in My Head

– Assessment Eleven – Money and Marriage

– Assessment Twelve – Assessing Problem Behaviors

– Assessment Thirteen – My Wellness Assessment

– Assessment Fourteen – My Confidence and Character

PROGRAM 2: Communication

Goals: Learn and discover key communication secrets and effective strategies for improving and even save a marriage from divorce. Learn how to focus on your partner and communicate better while avoiding common communication mistakes that can cause conflict and divorce.

– How to Express Feelings and Show Respect

– Barriers to Real Listening

– The F.I.R.S.T. Method for Emotional Listening

– How to Really Say Sorry and Be Believed

– How to be More Assertive In Your Marriage

– How to Communicate With an Unhealthy Spouse

– How to Deal With a Narcissist or Your Self If That Is You

– How to Get the Chemical for Happiness, Partly

– How to Use Conflict Resolution Skills

– VIDEO on Communication

PROGRAM 3: Rebuild and Reconnect

Goals: Discover how to keep or get your marriage back on track, and commit to it.

Learn how to find your happiness how to rebuild and strengthen the broken bond of love you share and regain your spouse’s respect. Explore some of the common issues that lead marriages to fail and learn how to seek as well as give forgiveness and rebuild trust. Learn how to remove the clutter in your marriage and reconnect emotionally.

– How to Deal with Stress “The Innocent Marriage Killer”

– How to Think About Your Values

– Codependency and the White Knight

– How to Overcome Patterns of Conflict and Defensiveness

– How to Forgive and Rebuild Trust

– VIDEOS on Rebuilding and Reconnecting

PROGRAM 4: Recommitting to Your Marriage

Goals: Learn how to identify your healthy and unhealthy thought patterns that block you from having a great marriage. Learn how to let go of old unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and expectations getting in the way of your happiness. Learn a little bit about what love is and how to reconnect and recommit to your marriage while prioritizing the relationship, not you or your spouse.

-How to Define what is Love

– What is Love and How Do We Get It Back?

– Twisted Forms of Thinking & How They Can Hurt You & Your Relationship

– Discovering Why I Married My Spouse, (Getting to the Fun Stuff)

– How to Keep a Healthy Marriage (At a Minimum)

– How to Prioritize the Relationship

– VIDEO Attracting Your Spouse

PROGRAM 5: Creating your own Happiness

Goals: Learn how to create and transform your marriage relationship by looking at your spouse’s and your own character traits and actively working to improve them for your own personal and marital benefit. Recall key reasons you married your spouse.

– How to Avoid a Divorce and Stay Calm

– How to Deal With Secrets and Lies

– How To Keep Your Marriage A Priority

– How to Stop Being an Emotional Bully

– How to Use Coping Skills For Marriage

– How to Love Yourself and Why it Matters

– VIDEO The Word No

PROGRAM 6: How to function in a marriage

Goals: Learn how to turn conflict and negative outcomes into positive outcomes. Discover how to prevent conflicts from getting out of hand and how to focus on progress and growth, not perfection.

– Finding And Creating Happiness

– How to Actually be on the “Same Page” With Your Spouse

– VIDEO Principle’s in a Happy Healthy Marriage

PROGRAM 7: Transforming Your Marriage Even More

Goals: Learn how just one person can save a marriage even if the other spouse wants a divorce, or has already moved out. Learn to appreciate your differences and another effective method to resolve conflict and problem solve effectively for mutual happiness

– Fine Tuning How You Live and Live In Your Marriage

–  Transforming Your Sexual and Marriage Conflicts

–  How to Not Shut Down and Deal with Someone Who Does

– How to NOT Sacrifice Your Big Care About’s in Marriage

– A Real Life Story Of Transformation

– VIDEO Cruel People on Sex

– VIDEO Dealing with Porn Addiction

– VIDEO Open Relationships

Program 8: Critical Marriage Skills

Goals: Learn how to be a leader in your marriage and how to deal with common issues that lead to dissatisfaction in a marriage.

– The Critical Skills Needed for a Marriage

– How to Problem Solve in a Marriage, Ideally With Your Spouse

– How to Fight Fair, Ground Rules

– How To Separate and Reunify With Your Spouse

– How to be a Leader in Your Marriage

– VIDEO Critical Conflict Communication Skills

Bonus Items

This save your marriage course brings along the following bonus resources:


Transformational Videos: Hear from a real mental health therapist for a more personal touch. Our videos are related to each program topic and can help you learn additional information not included in the written format of our programs. Video’s main goals are to help you keep your motivation up and stay positive.


Motivational Talks: Join in on our monthly free live online motivational talks and question and answer format with a Life Wise Coach. Reserve your spot as availability is limited.


Recommended Apps list from the Google or Apple store custom created for you! We are committed to helping you find new and innovative ways to connect with your spouse and enhance your marriage. With so many choices out there, we provide a brief list of popular phone apps designed to help you with a variety of marriage issues. Please email us for this list after buying of the program as the list is always changing as new Apps come out and old ones close.


Access Our 21-Day Marriage Improvement Implementation Program.

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