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This course is intended to help buyers understand why you should choose the Save My Marriage Program over other programs. You can think of this course as also a bit of a primer. The study of this program will prepare clients for all marriage-related programing and enhance understanding of basic human motivators and values while exploring how language impacts our ability to relate and use learned material effectively.


  • Learn some of the Philosophy behind the program’s creation.
  • Learn why conflict happens.
  • Discover what is needed to save a marriage.
  • Learn how values play a role in your character and in your marriage.
  • Exospore what are some of the basic needs in a marriage.
  • Save money by learning what series of courses are recommended for your marriage based on severity.

No one is born knowing how to be married or how to deal with difficult emotions. They do not teach you these things in school. Life-wise is here to help you learn better, faster and easier than you would if you had to learn these truths, on your own. Life Wise is an educational website that teaches you how to live a happier life. Our flag ship program is “ The Save My Marriage Program” and it is your pathway, your short cut, to avoiding the unnecessary emotional heartbreak that comes from learning the hard way, from bitter experience, while negatively impacting your marriage. Our program is so effective and comprehensive we have a 93% success rate helping couples, avoid divorce. 

Imagine what your life could be like when you can come home, be warmly greeted by your spouse, when they speak to you about an issue, or you tell them something you know they won’t like, no one get defensive, no one gets overly emotional, no one shuts down and refuses to talk. No yelling, no forced conversations, just safely and comfortably exchanging in an open, respectful, dialog with your spouse, while you work with one another to come to a mutual solution and you both are able to walk away from the conversation with an positive feeling and an attitude of gratitude, actually feeling thankful for the conversation you just had. 

What this program manual does is offer you a pathway towards your goals. The primary goal is to help you learn what maintenance you might want to do to prevent issues from happing in your marriage in the first place and… When you get lost, when you do not know how to respond, when you are caught off guard, just open up this program manual and turn to the relevant chapter to learn how to deal with the issue. The program is structured so you can learn quickly just like when a “warning light” goes off in your car you check the users manual to figure out what it means and what to do about it. This program is your marriage manual, and will help you figure out what that “warning light” means in your marriage and what you can do about it. 

This is a pathway towards building your marital dreams, BUT its not going to be a one and done kind of program, this is a way of life, a way of living in your married life, kind of program. The good news is that you won’t have to change who you are to stay married. You will still like your favorite food, vote how you want, enjoy your TV shows. This program just teaches you how to manage your marriage better while having more fun! 

What you get with our program

Professionally developed by therapist that specializes in relationships. 

  1. Nearly 500 pages in standard book formatting. 
  2. Approximately 123,000 words
  3. Approximately 12 hours of reading for the average reader. Come with Optional audio program for those podcast lovers who do not have the time to read.
  4. 5+ hours of audio/video presentation included by a professional mental health therapist that specializes in relationships. 

What is Save My Marriage Program Manual?

If you have ever been told, that your…

  1. Spouse doesn’t love you
  2. Is not in love with you
  3. Struggling with codependency
  4. That you are not making your marriage or spouse a priority
  5. If you have experiences with…
  6. Feeling distance in your marriage
  7. Arguing over who is right
  8. Being told you do not communicate well
  9. Having trouble expressing your emotions
  10. Serious concerns your spouse has a mood disorder but won’t seek help
  11. And more, keep reading!

This program is an online course that will provide you with proven steps to restore, rebuild and reconnect in your marriage.

The program will help you…

  • Create sustainable change to enhance the love and intimacy you and your spouse can share
  • Gain greater insights into your relationship dynamics  and create positivity & hope for change
  • Re-attract your spouse to you so they want to forgive you and want to stay married
  • Recognize and change unhealthy behaviors without changing who you are
  • Learn how to bring positivity back into your marriage
  • Learn how to communicate to your spouse in and outside of conflictual moments to restore and maintain peace in your marriage. A must if you have children. 
  • Restore trust in your relationship, gain forgiveness for past mistakes and even the occasional future misstep
  • Identify if your marriage is worth saving and can be saved or should be saved. 
  • Learn what is healthy love and a healthy marriage and what is not
  • Learn that one person can save a marriage by focusing on your own personal betterment and happiness rather than sacrificing your personal happiness to stay married 
  • Learn to restructure and reframe your thoughts
  • Remember what your vows mean and the nature of commitment
  • Recognize what’s working and learn to focus on the positive
  • Lean how to communicate for a better relationship
  • Learn to appreciate your differences
  • How to resolve conflict
  • How to reconnect and communicate to maintain a healthy marriage.
  • How to turn negative interactions into positive ones
  • Discover ways to detox your relationship
  • Learn why it is important to progress and not be perfect
  • How to communicate effectively.
  • A step by step game plan to save your relationship inside of 60 Days. 
  • How you can create a happy relationship starting today.
  • How to stop the fighting without being dominated or sacrificing your position and your happiness.
  • The secret to increasing sexual attraction to make more love without having to initiate it.
  • How to keep the honeymoon phase going forever even if that was a long time ago.
  • How to get past trust issues and cheating even if it is still happening today.
  • How to overcome past mistakes without having to bring it up over and over again. 
  • Learn how to do all of this and of course so much more!

This save my marriage program will help you turn a bad situation around and transform it into a happy and positive one that will actually add to the quality and commitment in the marriage and allow you to transform your marriage into a happier and more positive one. 

Who should enroll for Save My Marriage Course?

This program is for those who want a roadmap towards how to remove existing marriage issues from interfering in the happiness of the marriage. This is for people who want to avoid the (often unnecessary) arguments and emotional pain that comes from learning in a marriage, the hard and emotionally painful way. 

If you want real evidence based, real world proven methods to improve or save your marriage, you can get this program or attend like most people do, therapy one hour a week for an average of  6 months or more. Or you can accelerate  your progress and your marriage by learning  how to enjoy  emotional security, love, positivity, forgiveness and trust in your relationship. 

This course is not intended to replace therapy BUT if desired you can significantly enhance your therapeutic journey by using this course in combination with Marriage counseling. 

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